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Make a lasting impression!


Tammy has extensive experience creating and altering bridal gowns, bridesmaids and Mother-of-the-bride or Mother-of-the-groom 
dresses. Keep your gown alterations stress-free while preparing for your special day, or have Tammy create a custom gown.


aanother creation by Tammy for bride maids gowns
Tammy's creation for bride maid's gown
Alterations for this beautiful bride's gown by Tammy
Tammy providing alterations for the entire bridal party


Neville Family Wedding: alterations and bustle of wedding gown, fittings and alterations of all bride's maid's dresses   •   Garnet Rose Taft Designer Gown: alterations
Burnt Orange & Gold Bridesmaid Dress:  made from scratch with measurements sent by the bride.

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