Pant hems  

Lined pants 

Dress Hems – depends on fabric

and if stitching is visible

Skirt or Dress Hem  

Formal Gown Hems

Cuffed Hems 

Waist Adjustment 
​Full Length Adjustments 

Formal Gown Alterations 

Custom Tailoring
Custom Made Dresses 
Custom Gowns 


Bridal Veil Creation depends on style and length and bridal preferences

Bridal Gown alterations

Hem from the Waist  

Hem from Bottom 

(depends on gown details, if front is tapered, etc).

Bustle, depends on style

Bridal Services 





Prices are approximate and depend on the complexity of the garment. The following price list gives an idea of the costs for basic dressmaking services.


​​• professional alterations & tailoring​
• bridal & ball gowns – alterations & custom design
• general dressmaking with custom pattern making
• custom creations
• vintage restorations
• men's tailoring 


high quality services

         competitive prices!

Men's Tailoring



Taper Jacket With Vent 

Narrow Shoulder 

Waist Adjustment 

Taking in Sides with Pocket 


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